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The Graduation Fund

Application graduation fund or tuition fee free year:

Board members of organisations that already have been included in the Graduation fund Regulations can request their provisional grants via This is also the website where you can request you tuition fee free board year.

CUOS does not deal with the payments of the grants or with tuition fee free board years. Questions regarding these matters can be addressed to the University Funds Committee: ufc

Application for the Graduation fund

The regulations regarding the Graduation fund has been established by the Board of the University (CvB) in order to support students who are confronted with a study delay. Among other things, the Graduation fund deals with the grants for board members. These grants are meant to compensate students who are doing a board year for the study delay they experience due to their board work. CUOS advises the CvB about inclusion of student organisations into the Graduation fund. This means that CUOS establishes procedures and handles requests for inclusion into the Graduation fund. The CvB takes the final decision about whether or not to include a student organisation.

Organisations that are already included in the Graduation fund have to hand in an application for recalibration every 3 years. Organisations that haven’t been included in the Graduation fund yet can hand in an application for inclusion every year. Are you in doubt whether your organisation would be eligible for inclusion? Contact CUOS via cuos

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