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Internationalization Grants

On this page you can find everything related to the Internationalization Grants. Do you still have questions regarding those grants after visiting this page and looking through all the information? Please contact us via

Application for Internationalization Grants

There are two types of Internationalization Grant: Formation Grant International Organization and Internationalization and Inclusion Grant. Those two grants have two different purposes and are further explained below.

New associations: Formation Grant International Organization (OIS)

OIS is intended to encourage international students to form student organizations. This grant is therefore related to the establishment of international student organizations. An application for this grant can be admitted throughout the year.

Existing associations: Internationalization and Inclusion Grant (IIS)

IIS is intended to facilitate the membership of international students in existing student organizations in Groningen and by doing so foster an inclusive university community. The deadline for this grant is on March 31st.

To apply for any of these grants, forms OIS or IIS need to be filled in. In those forms you will be asked for specific information about the association, and some more specific questions regarding members, the artikels of the Association (statutes), activities and finances. At the end of the form is a list of all the documents that need to be submitted to submit the application completely. Here the exact formatting of the names of the documents is also explained.

Objective: encourage international students to form student organizations Objective: facilitate membership of international students in existing student organizations
For new organizations and organizations in the process of establishment For existing organizations
Grants for: startup costs, attracting members, etc. Grants for everything connected to the grant’s objectives: international activities, translating official documents, promotion, etc.
Max. €1.000 per organisation per year Max. €1.000 per organisation
Max. €25.000 per year
No application deadline Application deadline: 31st of March 23:59

On this page, you can find everything regarding the Internationalisation Grant and the application process you need to go through. Find more information regarding:

Here you can find a clear description of how the process of applying for an Internationalization Grant works, with an overview of which documents have to be handed in.

Regulation Formation Grant International Organizations (OIS)

Regulation Internationalization and Inclusion Grant (IIS)

Click here for the regulations regarding the Internationalisation Grant. Here you can find the conditions an organisation has to meet in order to be eligible for an Internationalization Grant.

Here the last evaluations can be found for each organisation that applied for an Internationalisation Grant.

Here you can find several Frequently Asked Questions about the internationalisation subsidies

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