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Information for student boards

CUOS Annual schedule

Throughout the year, there are a number of times when applications must be submitted to CUOS and/or other documents must be delivered. In the table below you can find an overview of these global deadlines. Note that throughout the year it can be decided to deviate from these dates. The mail contact with CUOS is always leading. For questions mail to

Review of Graduation Fund

November 15th (at noon)

Activities subsidy and housing

January 31st, at 23:59

Internationalization and Inclusion Subsidy (IIS)

1.     Application

2.     Accountability


1.     March 31st, at 23:59

2.     Eight weeks after completion of that for which a grant was received.    

WBTR subsidy
1.     Application

2.     Accountability

1. 30th of April 2023, at 23:59
2. 1st of November 2023

Campaign grant for University Council parties

1.     Application

2.     Accountability


1.     The deadline for submitting a nomination to the Centraal Stembureau is also the deadline for submitting an application for the campaign subsidy.

2.    Before July 1st

Establishment Grant International Student Organizations (OIS)

Can be used all year round

What is the Graduation Fund (Profileringsfonds)?

The Profileringsfonds is a scheme that offers financial compensation to board members of student organizations. The amount of this grant depends on the number of board scholarship months that an association is granted. Once every three years, depending on the category (Sports, Study, Social, Cultural or other) organizations are reassessed. The recalibration entails that the board then sends a number of documents and overviews from the past three years, more information on this at the "How To" of the Graduation Fund. After the deadline, the CUOS reviews the applications and sends the recommendation to the Board of Trustees for inclusion. When the final decision is made by the University Council, this is communicated by the CUOS again to everyone who applied and the decision is placed on the CUOS website, see the decisions page.

List of all associations

Below you can find a list of all student associations from Groningen known to CUOS! Is your organization not yet on the list but would you like to see it change? Please send the statutes + a Chamber of Commerce extract of your association to:

All Groninger associations

Difference association and foundation

Although it may seem an irrelevant detail to many directors, CUOS makes a distinction between associations and foundations. The main difference between these two legal forms is that an association can have members while a foundation cannot. This has consequences for applying for an administrative scholarship. Directors of an association can only receive a scholarship if their association has a minimum number of members. The minimum number per category is indicated in the table below:

Minimum number of members per category


75 members


75 member or  50% of the study


100 members


50 members


75 members

Does your association organize a large number of well-attended activities but do not meet the minimum number of members? Then it may be attractive to change the legal form of the organization to a foundation. When assessing foundations we do not look at the number of members. The disadvantage is of course that in this case you cannot receive contributions from members. In addition, associations with a large number of members can receive a surcharge in administrative grant months. For the exact conditions around this surcharge we refer you to the Profileringsfonds Part B!

Tuition-free boardyear

Are you a board member of a student association or organization in Groningen that is included in the University of Groningen's Profileringsfonds? Then, in addition to the grant you receive, you may be eligible for a tuition fee boardyear.
If you meet a number of conditions, you may be able to claim a tution free boeardyear. In that situation, the RUG will grant you exemption from paying the statutory tuition fees. The conditions can be found in article 25 of the Regeling Profileringsfonds

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