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Frequently asked questions about Board grants

Frequently asked questions about applying for and the re-evaluation of board grants

Who receives Board grants?

Board grants are awarded to organizations that meet the conditions set forth in the Profiling Fund Regulations. In order for an organization to qualify for a board grant, it must be included in the Profiling Fund and an application needs to be sent in. Depending on the size and activities of the organization, the organization is allocated a number of months of board grants. The organization may divide these months among board or committee members (with a maximum of 6 months per person). These people must then apply to the university for the board grants to which they are entitled. 

Can I appeal a decision made by the CUOS?

Yes, you can. The CUOS letter stating the decision indicates how to appeal the decision to the Board of the University.

What happens if I do not have all the necessary documents on time?

In the unlikely event that you do not make the deadline for one or more required documents due to (external) circumstances, please contact as soon as possible - but before the deadline.

I am on a board and entitled to a board grant, where do I apply?

On you can find all the necessary information. For any further questions you can contact the University Funds Committee (UFC) under

Where should application forms be handed in?

You can hand in all documents to, following the file names as described in the how-to of what is being requested, found on the website.

When will my application be discussed within the CUOS and can I attend?

The decision-making meetings of the CUOS are open to the public. The place and time of the decision-making meeting will be shared in a timely manner on the website. If you want to know exactly when your application will be considered by the CUOS, it is best to get in touch.

I am on a board and entitled to a board grant, when should I apply for it?

You are not entitled to the board grant until you have completed the entire board year. Therefore, you can apply for your board grant up to 6 months after you finish your board year. It can be inconvenient that you receive the money afterwards, so you can choose to apply for a provisional grant while you are working as a board member. You must do this within two months of starting your board year. You then have to prove after your board year that you were actually entitled to the already received board grant. Your final application for the board grant must be submitted to the University Funds Committee (UFC) on February 1 following the end of your board year. The UFC can be reached at

What is a board grant?

A board grant is an amount of money intended to compensate for the expected study delay that a person incurs due to board work. A boad grant is generally expressed in months. The amount you receive per month is €444.20. When a board member is entitled to a baord grant, they receive at least one month of board grant or a maximum of six months of board grant per year.

I am on the board of an organization, am I entitled to a board grant?

You can find out if your organization is included in the Regulation of the Graduation Fund. If so, the number of months the organization is entitled to is listed there. The organization may divide this number of months among its board and committee members. However, the maximum number of months per person is six.

If the organization is not included in the Regeling Profileringsfonds, the organization can apply once a year to the CUOS for inclusion in the Regeling Profileringsfonds. The deadline for these applications is November 15th at noon.

Last modified:11 November 2022 1.30 p.m.
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