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Frequently Asked Questions Housing, Campaign grant and Internationalisation grant

Below you can find several Frequently Asked Questions about the activity subsidy, campaign grant and internationalisation grant. Can't find your question? Send an e-mail to

Can I object a CUOS decision?

Yes, you can. The CUOS letter stating the decision indicates how to appeal the decision to the Board of the University.

What happens when I have not finalized all documents in time?

In the unlikely event that you do not make the deadline for one or more required documents due to (external) circumstances, please contact as soon as possible - but before the deadline.

How do I know whether or not my organization is eligible for a grant from CUOS?

A good starting point will be reading the different regulations on the CUOS website. In these you will find the different grants the CUOS can allocate and you will find who is eligible for the different kind of grants. If you think your organization is qualified to receive a grant, you can use the different application forms which you can find on the website as well to apply for a grant. You can contact CUOS in case you might have any further questions regarding this procedure.

What are the house rules that apply in the housing facilities in the Pelsterstraat 23 and the Grote Kruisstraat 2?

CUOS is responsible for the supervision of the housing facilities in the Pelsterstraat 23 and the Grote Kruisstraat 2 (Ambulatorium). The house rules are currently getting updated.

When will my application be discussed by CUOS and can I be present?

CUOS decision-making meetings are public. On the website you can find the dates of these meetings, as well as location and time. When you want to know exactly when your application will be discussed by CUOS the best option is to contact us.

Where does the application have to be handed in?

All applications with the necessary documents in via e-mail, addressed to cuos.aanvraag , kindly state the regulation to which your application applies.

What happens when I do not submit an application in time?

In this case your application will not be considered and you will thus not receive a grant.

When does a grant application have to be submitted?

This varies by grant. Activity grants and housing applications should be submitted by February 1. International Grant A applications can be submitted throughout the year. There is a deadline for applications for International Grant B, this deadline will be made available as soon as it is set. You can find more information on the application forms.

Last modified:11 November 2022 1.30 p.m.
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