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Frequently Asked Questions Graduation fund

Here you can find several Frequently Asked Questions about the Graduation fund. Can't find your question? send an e-mail to

Who is entitled to a board grant?

Grants are awarded to those organizations that comply with the general terms and conditions as stated in : Deel C: Regeling Financiële ondersteuning voor studentleden van medezeggenschaps/bestuursorganen, bestuurders van studentenorganisaties en topsporters RUG 2018 - 2019. Organizations can only obtain a grant if they have applied for inclusion in the Graduation Fund Regulation. Depending on the size and number of activities that has been organized, the height of the grant is determined. The division of this grant is up to the organization with a maximum of 6 months per person. These persons have to apply for the grant themself after the deviding of the grants.

What is a board grant?

The grant provided by the university to student board members is meant to compensate for any study delay resulting from board membership. The board grant is expressed in months. This size of this grant depends on the amount of time you . If you are interested in the International Grant, you can find the link here: CUOS-Regeling International Grants

I am a boardmember of a student organization, am I entitled to a grant?

The Graduation Fund Regulation sums up all included organizations and their respective grants. The division of this grant is up to the organization. If the organization is not mentioned in the regulation, then it can apply for inclusion in the regulation once a year. The deadline for this is November 15th at noon.

I am a board member and entitled to a grant, where can the grant be requested?

Information on this matter can be found on . If there are any questions, you can send an e-mail to

My organization has not been included in the regulation. Is it possible to become included this academic year and apply for a grant?

Yes, as long as the application is done before November 15th. If the organization is found to be eligible for inclusion, then grants will be paid out retroactively.

What is attendance allowance?

Attendance allowance is paid to the people (student and co-workers, but also sometimes people outside the university) that are boardmembers of members of a commission. Attendance allowance isn't related to the board grants, that is meant for study delay because of the work you do for your board. Attendance allowance is paid to the following persons: members of the university council, members of the faculty council, members of CUOS, and the members of university advisory commissions.

When will my application be discussed by CUOS and can I be present?

CUOS decision-making meetings are public. On the website under agenda you can find the dates of these meetings, as well as location and time. When you want to know exactly when your application will be discussed by CUOS the best option is to contact us.

I am a board member and entitled to a grant, when do I have to apply for it?

Regulation before 2015-2016:

A student is officially entitled to a grant when the board year has been completed. Therefore the grant can be requested up to 6 months after the end of the board year. It is however possible to request the grant during your board year. This must be done up to 2 months after the start of the academic year. After the board year a prove has to be handed in to show that you have been really entitled to the grant. This final request has to be handed in no later than the February 1 at the University Funds Committee (UFC, ufc ) in the year after your board year.

Regulation 2015-2016:

In this case you have to request the grant up to 2 months after the start of the academic year.

When will my organization be re-evaluated?

Every year one of the three organizational categories will be re-evaluated.

The three categories are (in correct order):

-         Student associations and sports clubs.

-         Study associations.

-         Other and cultural organizations.

Academic year Category to be re-evaluated
2021-2022 Sport and student associations
2022-2023 Study associations
2023-2024 Cultural associations and others

What happens when I have not finalized all documents in time?

Als je verwacht de deadline niet te halen doordat bijvoorbeeld enkele stukken incompleet zijn, neem dan zo spoedig mogelijk - maar wel voor de deadline - contact op met cuos.secretaris

My committee grant months have not yet been transferred to my account. Who should I contact?

CUOS does not transfer the (individual) committee grant months. Question regarding the payment of the grant months can be directed at the University Funds Committee (UFC) at ufc .

Can the board grants be divided to people other than board members?

Yes this is possible, the united RUG and HG regulations gives the students this freedom.

After allocating the committee grant months among the board members, we have several excess months, what can we do about this?

The University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences Joint Regulations for Committee Grants offers the possibility to allocate grant months among members of the organization who are not board members yet do have an executive task within the organization with a relatively significant responsibility.

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