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Application Campaign Grant


The campaign subsidy has to be requested every year. This needs to happen before or on the day of the announcement of candidacy at the Central Voting Office. Applications have to be done based on Form C “Request Form Campaign Subsidy”. Some documents with evidence have to be handed in as well. These are also named in the request form. The documents that have to be handed in are:

  1. The Request Form for the Campaign Subsidy. This form can be found on this page.
  2. An activity plan. This is an overview of the activities that you will be organising during the Campaign period. The activities have to be described in this overview.
  3. A financial budget. This has to be a budget specifically for the campaign. In this budget, the amount of money requested from CUOS has to be visible.

These documents have to be handed in before the deadline by sending them to cuos.aanvraag

For the Campaign Grant application you use form C. The deadline for the application is the same as the deadline for the Central Voting Office.


After the campaign period, a justification has to be handed in. This consists of:

  1. A Secretarial report regarding the spending of the campaign subsidy. This is an in-depth evaluation of the activities for which the grant was requested.
  2. A Financial report regarding the spending of the campaign subsidy. The financial report has to contain as many bills, invoices, receipts etc. as possible.

The definitive allocation of the campaign subsidy will only happen after you handed in this justification. This needs to happen before the first of July of the current academic year.

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