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How to

Application Activity subsidy and Housing

Application Procedure

Activity Grants and Housing must be requested every year using Form B. Next to this form, CUOS needs supplementary documents as proof. Please refer to the checklist in Form B and the explanation below. The supplementary documents must be named according to the checklist!
Please note that as of 2019, cultural organisations must apply for Activity Grants at Usva.

Applications must be sent to cuos.aanvraag before 1 February. Please only send in pdf or excel files!

Compulsory Documents: General

Overview Compulsory Documents

  1. Form B
  2. Articles of Association
  3. Extract Chamber of Commerce
  4. Most recent year budget
  5. Financial year reports for the last 2 years (including explanations, balances ad income statement)
  6. Secretarial year reports for the last 2 years (including an activities overview conform Form D)
  7. Plan for the activities (of the current or upcoming financial year, for which the subsidy is requested)
  8. List of members (conform Form L)

Form B

This form should be filled in completely, as far as applicable. Filename: “0. Application form B [name organization]”.

Most recent certified Articles of Association

Art. 8 of the CUOS Regulations stipulates the requirements which your articles of organisation (statuten) must meet. The statuten should be certified (gewaarmerkt) through the signature and/or stamp of the notary. Filename: “1. Statutes [name organization]”

Extract Chamber of Commerce

To prove that your organisation has full legal personality, you hand in a KvK Extract (“uittreksel”). This can be requested at the KvK. An “uittreksel” is not the same as an “overzicht van wijzigingen”. All current board members should be registered with the KvK. Filename: “2. Extract KvK [name organization]”

Most recent year budget

To check your organization’s financial status, you hand in the most recent year budget of your association. Filename: “3. Budget [year] [name organization]”

Financial year reports for the last 2 years

The year reports should be approved by the Algemene Ledenvergadering (associations) or Raad van Toezicht (stichtingen). The reports should contain at least a profit-and-loss account (with a clarification) and balance sheet (with a clarification). Make sure the balance sheets are well readable. Filename: “4. Financial year report [year] [name organization]”. When handing in multiple documents, use 4.1, 4.2, etc.

Secretarial year reports for the last 2 years

The year reports should be approved by the Algemene Ledenvergadering (associations) or Raad van Toezicht (stichtingen). The reports are meant to provide an overview of the past association’s years. A personal evaluation by the Secretary does not suffice. The year reports should contain an activity overview of all activities, with titles, dates, explanations, and an indication of the number of participants. If the year reports do not contain an activity overview, use Form D. Filename: “5. Secretraial year report [year] [name organization]”. When handing in multiple documents, use 5.1, 5.2, etc.

Activity plan / policy plan for the current or coming financial year for which support is requested

This plan elaborates on the activities for which you request an activity grant or housing, and should contain your organization’s policy. This document provides an insight in the organization’s coming year, so do not be too concise. Filename: “6. Plan [name organization]”

Up-to-date Members registration

The list of members should be provided in Excel format, conform form L. It will be checked, so make sure it is up to date. Filename: “7. Membership list [name organization]”

Extra documents, required for housing applications only


  1. Overview of the amount of board members etc.
  2. Overview of responsibility for the activities

An overview of the number of board members, existing committees, project groups, University council fractions, etc., including the names of current members and an indication of the workload in hours per week

Filename: “7. Active members [name organization]”

Overview of the parties/board/committee/project group responsible for the realisation of the organized and planned activities. Only necessary if not mentioned in the year reports and activity/policy plan

Filename: “8. Organising entities [name organization]”

Overview document names:

0. Form B [name organization]

1. Statutes [name organization]

2. Extract CoC [name organization]

3. Annual budget [year] [name organization]

4. Financial year report [year] [name organization]

5. Secretarial year report [year] [name organization]

6. Plan [name organization]

7. Membership list [name organization].xlsx

8. Active members [name organization]

9. Organising entities [name organization]


After the deadline, CUOS starts to handle your application. Within six weeks after the deadline, you will receive a provisional decision. The provisional decision will be discussed in the University Council. After this, a definitive decision is taken.


Within two months after the end of your organization’s financial year, you must provide the CUOS with a secretarial and financial year report, consisting of at least:

  • a justification of the way the grant was spent;
  • a list and explanation of the organized activities;
  • a global overview of the amount of participants in the activities, with an indication of the amount of UG students, Hanze UAS students and other participants.

The justification can be sent together with the application for the next year.

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