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Activity subsidy and Housing

The UG strives to facilitate its students not only with education and research, but also through participation in extracurricular activities and active participation within an organisation. Therefore, certain organisations can apply for Activity Grants and/or Housing with the CUOS. The Activity Grants and Housing are granted directly by CUOS, on behalf of the Executive Board of the University.
Activity Grants and Housing are granted for the period of 1 year. They have a combined application procedure. It is possible to apply for only Activity Grants or only Housing. The grant has a supplementary character, and as such cannot be granted if the organization is able to provide the necessary funds on its own.

Does my organisation qualify?

Excluded organisations:

The following types of organisations do not qualify for Activity Grants or Housing:

  • General student associations (Gezelligheidsverenigingen)
  • Sports associations
  • Study or faculty-related organisations
  • Cultural organisations can apply for an Activity Grant at Usva. Although CUOS is responsible for the payment of the grant, the Usva Activity Grant has its own regulations and is not the same as the CUOS Activity Grant. The criteria on this page do not apply. More information can be found at the Usva website.

General Conditions

To be eligible for Activity Grants and/or Housing, your organisation:

  • must have a legal personality and full legal competence, and work on a non-profit basis;
  • must have Articles of Association that state its objectives, activities and non-profit basis;
  • must have Articles of Association that state that it represents the student body of the UG and/or the Hanze UAS, that the executive board consists of students or scholarship students, and that it is open to all students enrolled at the UG and/or Hanze UAS;
  • must draw up a budget, annual report and annual accounts every year;
  • must exist for a minimum of two years;
  • must contribute to a positive image of the UG and/or Hanze UAS and of Groningen as a student city; and
  • must comply with the agreements made in the Introduction Period Regulations from the Adviescommissie Introductietijden (ACI).

If your organisation complies with all the criteria above, you can apply for Activity Grants or Housing



For Activity Grants, there are some extra requirements. Your organisation must:

  • meet the definition of a cluster. Within this cluster, the CUOS decides if you are eligible for a grant on the basis of its quality characteristics. The clusters and quality characteristics can be found under 'Regulations'.
  • have a clear and consistent financial policy;
  • demonstrate that it spends its funds effectively;
  • have a certain degree of continuity in the activities organized, as evidenced by one or more annually recurring activities.

Assessment criteria

When assessing applications for Activity Grants, the CUOS takes into account:

  • whether the range and scope of activities for students is in accordance with the organization’s objectives;
  • the quality and uniqueness of these activities;
  • the turnout of students to and the frequency of the activity;
  • the actual need for support in relation to the organization’s existing financial resources;
  • the contribution the activity makes to the image of the UG and Groningen as a student city.



The CUOS is in charge of 1 UG building at the Pelsterstraat 23. To qualify for office space in these buildings, an organisation should firstly comply with the general conditions above. Moreover, the organisation should require the space, and have a certain degree of continuity in its activities, as evidenced by one or more yearly recurring activities.

Assessment criteria

When assessing an application, the CUOS considers the organisation’s workload and space requirements. It also takes into account the actual need for support in relation to the organisation’s existing material resources. To ensure continuity, the CUOS will only make changes to the allocated housing of organisations under special circumstances. Nevertheless, a housed organisation has to reapply every year.

On this page, you can find anything regarding the Activity subsidy and housing:

Here you can find a clear description of how the process of applying for Activity Subsidy or Housing works, with an overview of which documents have to be handed in.

Click here for the regulations regarding the Activity Subsidy and Housing. Here you can find the conditions an organisation has to meet in order to be eligible for an Activity Subsidy or Housing provided by CUOS.

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