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Andringa, Dr Tjeerd

Tjeerd Andringa
Tjeerd Andringa

Dr Tjeerd C. Andringa (1964, Leeuwarden) studied physics at the University of Groningen and is currently Associate Professor of Auditory Cognition at the Department of Artificial Intelligence. He is also a senior researcher with INCAS3, a research institute involved in cognitive sensor technology. Andringa conducts research into topics such as sound recognition and the perception of sound and noise nuisance. He is also involved in major EU projects in the field of Soundscapes and Cognitive Systems.

Andringa was closely involved with the development of the computer programs that analyse sound used by the police. Groningen’s city centre is monitored via sound sensors in cameras and aggressive behaviour can be immediately localized thanks to the analysis software. He is currently involved in SensorCity in Assen.

Since 2008 Andringa has concentrated mainly on soundscape research, in particular the way that sound can have both positive and negative influences on how we function, and in extreme cases can even make us ill. He differentiates between hearing, a subconscious process that draws attention to noticeable sounds, and listening, a process whereby we use our knowledge to direct our attention selectively to a certain part of the sound. When our hearing forces us to listen to something that we do not want to listen to we call it noise pollution.

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