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Jouke de Vries

Coronavirus and the open society

Date:26 May 2020
Author:Jouke de Vries

COVID-19 is an awful virus, but the approach to it is very interesting, both politically and from a philosophy-of-science perspective. When mentioning politics and the philosophy of science, I automatically think of Karl Popper. He took his philosophy of...

Reopening the doors

Date:19 May 2020
Author:Jouke de Vries

Closing the doors of a university is much easier than reopening them! The problems surrounding reopening them are mostly related to public transport, as the one-and-a-half-metre rule has now also come into force on trains and buses. This is a major...

Jouke de Vries

The UG Extension School

Date:13 May 2020
Author:Jouke de Vries

One of the things I would like to realize in the coming years is the UG Extension School. An extension school is, similar to extensions in your hair, an extension – but then of your education. The UG Extension School is in keeping with the growing emphasis...

Jouke de Vries

The world is round

Date:06 May 2020
Author:Jouke de Vries

We are looking for solutions to the issues that Dutch universities are currently facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. At a meeting of the chairs of the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands), Martin Paul of Maastricht University...

Jouke de Vries

The University’s digital revolution

Date:28 April 2020

It is generally incredibly challenging to implement changes in large organizations. This applies to all organizations, including universities. Complex universities are notoriously difficult when it comes to change. A British university director once...

Jouke de Vries

Corona as an interdisciplinary challenge

Date:21 April 2020

In the summer of 2019, Cisca Wijmenga, Hans Biemans and I, together with the staff, started work on the University of Groningen’s new Strategic Plan. We had intended to have it finished before the forthcoming summer holiday. And suddenly, there was the...

Jouke de Vries

'Back to Normalcy!'

Date:14 April 2020

Honestly, when the University of Groningen announced that it was transitioning to online teaching and limited UG building opening hours, I thought I would get more time off. Nothing could be further from the truth. Online meetings have turned out to merely...