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If it all becomes too much


It’s always possible that self-help, workshops or courses simply won’t be enough to help you through a difficult period. This isn't weird or weak; nobody is perfect, and nobody expects you to be. It's entirely normal for people to experience obstacles in life and learn how to cope with them (with or without help). Recognizing that you’re having a tough time and asking for help is a sign of strength and self-awareness. So if you’re really struggling to cope, bite the bullet and ask for help. Burn-out and depression are serious matters that can affect your entire life, so it’s time to do something!

The Student Service Centre employs student psychologists who can help you to find your feet if you are not coping. It's an easy and informal process; read more about it on the Student Portal (under Study Info) and plan your own appointment. You pay just € 40 for a maximum of 5 sessions with a psychologist, who can help you with problems relating to your psychological welfare, your studies or the current phase of your life.

If you are in a crisis situation and need help NOW, call the desk of the SSC if it’s within regular office hours. They will put you through to a professional. Out of office hours, you should contact your GP, the out-of-hours GP surgery or a helpline.

  • Sensoor (0900 0767): talk to specially trained people who are there to listen to your problems. Alternatively, you can chat to someone on their website
  • Suicide prevention (0900 0113): If you are having suicidal thoughts, call the crisis line anonymously and talk to a specialist volunteer. You can also chat to someone on their website

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Last modified:12 March 2020 6.55 p.m.
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