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Pressure to perform

Pressure to perform is the pressure you feel to perform to the best of your ability at all times on every front. Students sometimes feel that society and the people around them expect them to complete their studies as quickly as possible with the highest possible marks, while also working on their CV to make sure they get the best possible job. Add having a weekend job, a social life, pursuing your hobbies and doing a sport to the mix and it's hardly surprising that you feel stressed. In addition, social media has got us into the habit of comparing ourselves with others. Following what other people are doing can turn us into rivals, adding extra pressure to be at least as good as our counterparts (and preferably better).

Trust your intuition

You should be aware that social media does not give a full or reliable account of someone’s life. When you scroll through someone’s timeline on Facebook, it's difficult not to make subconscious comparisons, which can lead to negative or even depressive feelings. Remember that everyone must lead their own life, so there’s no point in comparing your path with that of someone else. Base the choices you make on your intuition and experience; this is the best way to achieve your aspirations. If you follow your heart and do your best to realize your ambitions, you will almost certainly end up where you are supposed to be. Nobody is perfect, and nobody expects you to be. Just be yourself and have faith in your abilities.

Career Services

Are you still indecisive about which path to take and need help to explore your options? If so, the UG Career Services can provide training courses in further studies, personal development, applying for jobs and compiling a good CV. From networking to self-analysis to choosing the right programme. These informal workshops will show you where to find answers to questions like: who am I, what am I capable of, what do I want and how can I get it?

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Last modified:23 February 2021 08.42 a.m.
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