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Prof.dr. L.C. Verbrugge

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Prof.dr. L.C. Verbrugge
Prof.dr. L.C. Verbrugge

Rineke Verbrugge is professor of Logic and Cognition. She is being extremely valued for her impressive energy focussed at students, her high quality lectures and her contribution to programme development. In 2007 the master programme Artificial Intelligence received a good report. This result can be mainly attributed to the work of Professor Verbrugge. 


Professor Verbrugge is a top researcher in her field and she is at the same time able to use her extensive and deep knowledge and understanding in her lectures. She shows admirable enthusiasm, which she is capable to communicate with her students. Ms. Verbrugge is an accomplished lecturer, is always prepared to answer questions - even when staying abroad - and presents her subject in a structured way. On top of that she integrates her subject into the whole of the curriculum. AI students truly appreciate that, because their bachelor programme consists of courses form various fields, like Informatics, Psychology and Philosophy. She supervises theses with meticulous care, offering students a lot of free choice to pursue their own special interests. She is very well informed about students' progress and when necessary she offers support and comments. Professor Verbrugge likes to interact with students to inspire and stimulate them to develop their own ideas. " These discussions are always very inspiring", according to students. Often she asks her students to give presentations at international conferences.

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