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Dr. J.E. Wieringa

Faculty of Economics and Business
Dr. J.E. Wieringa
Dr. J.E. Wieringa

Jaap Wieringa is Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing. He teaches five courses in three bachelor and three master programmes. He also supervises master theses whit subjects focusing on quantitative research. These theses concentrate on Market Research, Marketing of Pharmaceutical Companies, Building Markets for New Products and Variable Customer Behaviour.


Students compliment Wieringa's dedication, enthusiasm and passion. He is able to excellently present the fun aspect of his subject and he knows how to explain difficult programme content in a clear way. Wieringa integrates the interesting mix of theory and practice in his courses which generates much admiration from students. Even Statistics of Marketing becomes fascinating. ‘Mr. Wieringa has a way of teaching that makes the statistics “alive”.' He takes ample time to answer questions, can be reached very well, has patience and empathic skills. Wieringa can connect with the knowledge level of his students. "Mr. Wieringa explained the complex subject very clearly taking a lot of time. He showed patience which made studying and caused me to learn a lot. There is flexibility toward deadlines: he really understands students!"

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