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Faculty of Law C.N.J. de Vey Mestdagh C.N.J. de Vey Mestdagh

Kees de Vey Mestdagh is Associate Professor at the Department of Legal Theory and (co-) founder of the Law & ICT Programme, unique in the Netherlands. His background in psychology has contributed to a contemporary teaching vision.

De Vey Mestdagh can be characterised by his enthusiastic approach of courses and workshops, at which humour plays a not unimportant part. This is one of the incentives for students to look at legal problems with a fresh and critical view. The active role of students during the courses is welcomed by De Vey Mestdagh. He shows this appreciation by answering each and every questions extensively. Mr. de Vey Mestdagh is also available for students before and after courses, to help them with problems and to answer questions: students know they are welcome to approach De Vey Mestdagh. As a supervisor of theses and papers Mr. De Vey Mestdagh is attentive and enthusiastic, and the same applies for his activities for the Students' Law Court. He stimulates students to use their competences and skills as well as they can. For written assignments he not only offers content comments, but he also advises on presentation, writing style and grammar. Sometimes students think his observations very honest and somewhat confronting, but in general these are always considered useful. Students like his initiative to let students adapt written assignments that receive the best grades into articles for a scientific law journal.

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