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Faculty of Spatial Sciences E.W. Meijles E.W. Meijles

As Lecturer at the Department of Cultural Geography Erik Meijles is specifically occupied with the bachelor course Physical Geography. He also is responsible for the Physical Geography programme for future Secondary Education Teachers, which is an important part of the SE course Geography. Meijles is an expert on the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Mr. Meijles has the knack to motivate and inspire his students. A very clear example is the enormous energy and enthusiasm he shows at his courses and workshops. The field trips, organized during thirty years in Denekamp, practically unchanged, were becoming less and less popular. Meijles managed to find another location at Annen in the Province of Drenthe. He used this relocation to improve several aspects of the field work and succeeded in neatly connecting this field trip to the current curriculum of the bachelor programmes. The supervision of Meijles has resulted in a major improvement of the Physical Geography teaching quality, according to course evaluations and comments of student assistants. Physical Geography used to be somewhat outside the faculty, but Meijles was successful in inserting this subject into the bachelor programme Human Geography as well as the bachelor programme Environmental and Infrastructure Planning as an integral part.

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