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Dr. J.W. Romeijn

Faculty of Philosophy
Dr. J.W. Romeijn
Dr. J.W. Romeijn

Jan Willem Romeijn studied both physics and philosophy. After that he worked as a financial consultant for two years. In 2005 he obtained his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Groningen with a thesis on Bayesian Inductive Logic . Presently he is working at a research project on the intersection of cognitive psychology and philosophy of science in the University of Groningen. He currently teaches Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Psychology.

Romeijn receives many compliments from his students. They like his attractive enthusiasm and humour. Because of these he has no trouble at all to keep the attention of his students during his lectures. Romeijn uses all kinds of technical and IT equipment in a way that really supports the course content. He has a reputation as a lecturer who loves his subject and is able to present this love to his students. Romeijn is a popular supervisor of papers and theses. He generally gives precise feedback and always takes time to explain things in more detail. Although the subject he teaches is known to be complex, Romeijn is capable of presenting the course content very clearly. He knows how to connect with his students, "as if he still has the same interests like we have - including philosophy, of course". Another student remarked: "He has made Philosophy of Science into a funny and interesting subject! In general I consider it a terribly difficult and boring nuisance!"

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