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Dr A.R. den Otter, UMCG/Faculty of Medical Sciences

Rob den Otter
Rob den Otter

Rob den Otter is an assistant professor in the department of Human Movement Sciences at the UMCG/Faculty of Medical Sciences. He studied psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen and teaches course units in Experimental Research, Statistics and Psychology. In 2011, he received the Lecturer of the Year award at the UG.

Rob is enthusiastic about helping other people to really understand the subject matter. Many students are bored by statistics due to a failure to understand the necessity of statistical models and tests. He turns this boredom into interest as he explains the problems that researchers encounter in research and how solutions emerge. He is able to step into the mind of a student so that he can give a clear answer or, more often, reply with a question that results in students answering the question themselves. This openness results in students thinking freely and creates a rich educational environment. Rob asks his students to reflect on his lectures to continue to increase their quality. As one student says, ‘I am really happy to have such a committed supervisor who helps me to think out of the box, keeps me critical and helps me in many different ways.’

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