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Prof. dr. D.H. van Rijn - Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Prof. dr. Hedderik van Rijn
Prof. dr. Hedderik van Rijn

Hedderik van Rijn studied Psychology and Cognitive Science in Nijmegen and was awarded a PhD by the University of Amsterdam. After spending several years in the US, he started as an Assistant Professor at the Artificial Intelligence department in Groningen in 2003, moving to the department of Experimental Psychology in 2007, where he is now Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. He recently received a prestigious VICI grant.

Students describe Van Rijn as passionate and approachable and evaluate his teaching as positive without exception. Van Rijn actively seeks interaction with the students even though his student groups are very large. He does so by posing and answering questions, performing experiments and stimulating discussion. The students speak highly of Van Rijn, who makes them enthusiastic about the course unit and uses innovative teaching and testing methods.

Van Rijn recently updated the course unit in Cognitive Psychology together with a colleague, replacing multiple choice questions with essay questions, among other changes. As there are still a large number of ‘simple facts’ to be memorized, he has introduced Rugged Learning to this course unit. This adaptive learning system, developed in Van Rijn's research group, keeps track of the knowledge levels of individual students, and provides them with material to be learnt in an optimal way.

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