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Prof. dr. A.J.M. Peijnenburg - Faculty of Philosophy

Prof. dr. Jeanne Peijnenburg
Prof. dr. Jeanne Peijnenburg

In 2008 Jeanne Peijnenburg became Professor by special appointment in Philosophical Argumentation Theory and Analysis, and she was appointed Professor of Theoretical Philosophy in 2011. Her research focuses in particular on the concept of probability in epistemology. She publishes in top Philosophy journals, often together with UG colleague David Atkinson.

Peijnenburg has been consistently providing excellent lectures on epistemology and analytic philosophy for years. Students praise her lectures for their clarity and the effort invested. She is involved with her students, handles every question attentively and can explain even the most complex of concepts with amusing, contemporary examples. She has mastered the art of lecturing like no other, and she exudes natural authority, so that students remain captivated, both with and without PowerPoint. A number of key notions or problem descriptions on a hand-out or smart board usually suffice for her to structure her lecture. Students state that she answers questions well and is very good at making her students enthusiastic. ‘Make sure you're in the front row, though, because you don't want to miss any of this', says one student, who also stresses how difficult it is to explain abstract matters with such clarity and simplicity.

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