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Dr. R.K. Chiu - University College Groningen

Dr. Roland Chiu
Dr. Roland Chiu

Roland Chiu was awarded an MSc by the BC Cancer Research Centre, University of British Columbia, and a PhD by the department of Radiation Oncology at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research focuses on the DNA damage response in cancer treatment. In 2015 he joined UCG’s core academic staff as a Health and Life Sciences lecturer. Something most people don’t know about him is that he was a member of the Ski Patrol in Canada.

Chiu is a dedicated, enthusiastic, supportive and accessible lecturer. He has the ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and practical manner. For example, in his Living Cell I class he uses a tennis ball to illustrate cells and to help students form a tangible idea of their vastness. In his ‘journal clubs’ he encourages students to review academic papers, after which he works with them to ensure that every aspect of the topic is grasped. A sense of equality in the classroom is what UCG is trying to achieve, and Chiu sets a great example. To quote one of his students: ‘His classes make you feel like you are just human beings teaching each other.’

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