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Dr. A. Rachovitsa - Faculty of Law

Dr. Mando Rachovitsa
Dr. Mando Rachovitsa

Mando Rachovitsa is a lecturer in International Law, Human Rights and Internet Governance & Internet Law. She has ample experience in teaching in a multicultural environment and an interdisciplinary context. She links this experience to her research, which focuses on human rights online and in cyberspace, among other things.

Rachovitsa brings with her an abundance of experience from the world of international law. She has studied and taught in Greece, the United Kingdom, Qatar and the USA. This allows her to include real-world examples in her tutorials, thereby broadening the perspectives beyond just a Western Eurocentric experience. She is passionate about her chosen field of expertise and lectures ad lib, without the confines of a script; examples and anecdotes abound in her classes. Her engagement with the topic is proof of her desire to spread knowledge and enlighten her students beyond the classroom and curricular requirements. She prepares her students for exams, both within and outside lecture hours, for instance through mock exams and sample questions. She invests many hours on a daily basis to ensure deadlines and extracurricular tasks are met, responds promptly to email requests, gives clear guidelines and help on assignments, and always elaborates on feedback concerning grades.

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