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Prof. A. J. van der Vlist - Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Prof. A.J. van der Vlist
Prof. A.J. van der Vlist

Arno van der Vlist is the Professor of Property Development. He studied Agricultural Economics at Wageningen University and received his PhD from the VU University Amsterdam in 2001. Subsequently, he held positions in real estate and at Wageningen University. He was a co-founder of the Real Estate Club Groningen, aimed at strengthening relations between academia, business, government, alumni and students.

Although Van der Vlist teaches courses with a high level of difficulty, he enables each student to pass them by countering the abstractness of the course material with clear examples, by step-by- step discussion of the topic and by active involvement of students. Van der Vlist: ‘Academic teaching is like learning to climb a ladder from theory to practice and from practice to abstract theorizing. This is what makes research-driven education so important in academic teaching and learning.’ Van der Vlist aims to get the best out of his students and himself as a teacher. His teaching style is highly active and interactive. ‘Only with a coaching style do students become fully intrinsically motivated. Motivating and activating students is part and parcel of academic teaching and learning. Academic teaching without providing feedback is useless.’

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