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Dr M. van Dijk, PhD - Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Dr M. van Dijk
Dr M. van Dijk

Mathilde van Dijk is University Lecturer in the History of Christianity and Gender Studies. She is specialized in the history of late medieval reform movements and the appropriation of the medieval religious past in contemporary (popular) culture.

Students praise her talent for making ‘boring’ subjects interesting. She considers it her mission to make students realize that the past is not isolated but relevant to the here and now. By remaining close to the world of her students, she succeeds in improving their understanding of the course material. This includes using examples from TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, films like Star Wars and video games such as Tomb Raider. ‘Students need an “aha experience” for the penny to drop’, says Van Dijk. The one thing she is trying to achieve is to turn her students into critical citizens who are not afraid to challenge existing notions. She tailors her teaching to her students’ interests, devotes attention to individual students and continues to adapt her teaching methods. Furthermore, she attaches great importance to proper organisation: a clear programme, straightforward criteria and insightful information. ‘There is hardly anything more unpleasant to students than a rambling course structure.’

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