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Wilbert Kolkman


Wilbert Kolkman (1973) has been Professor of Private Law, particularly Notary Law, since 2006. His research and teaching primarily focus on family property law. He also works at Elan Notarissen in Steenwijk, Sneek and Zwartsluis and acts as deputy Judge at the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court.

Kolkman has an interactive approach to teaching notary law with which he stimulates students to pay close attention. Thanks to his efforts students have become very closely involved in the notary degree programme. He teaches assiduously and with great enthusiasm. He can make any lecture interesting by introducing examples from practice and smoothly translating the complex subject matter into understandable texts. His good cheer and evident pleasure are not lost on his students. His lectures are always full and his students sing his praises. Kolkman is also Visiting Professor at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. In Canada, he made it to the Teaching Honour Roll, annually awarded by the student council to the best lecturers, in both 2013 and 2015. Quite a distinction, especially for a foreigner!

Wilbert Kolkman
Wilbert Kolkman
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