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Ward Rauws

Spatial Sciences

Ward Rauws (1985) studied urban and regional planning at the University of Groningen. He has held the position of Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning since 2015. That same year he received his doctorate with a thesis on adaptive planning strategies for urban and regional development.

Rauws is an exceptional teacher who consistently surprises his colleagues and students with his enterprising spirit, organizational talents and drive towards improvement. He likes to experiment with better forms of education. He is also a team player who leads groups and brings them together. Rauws does not like cutting corners; he sets high standards, both for himself and for his students. But he does so in a transparent manner, with consistent learning objectives and tests. He attaches great value to self-reflection in his students, which is why he spends so much time stimulating self- reflection (with logbooks) and why he thinks feedback is so important. He energizes his students, gives them coaching and pep talks, and uses digital tools wherever possible. As a thesis supervisor he is appreciated for his drive and commitment. He has coordinated the successful Master’s degree programme in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning. This degree programme was recently assessed and found to attract the highest number of students, including students from outside the EU, of all the Faculty’s Master’s degree programmes.

Ward Rauws
Ward Rauws
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