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Remco Regtuit


Remco Regtuit (1962) is Assistant Professor of Greek and Latin at the University of Groningen. He also teaches classical languages at the Praedinius Gymnasium (pre-university school) in Groningen. Regtuit emphasizes the central role of culture in academic education and believes that studying classical cultures can help us to better understand our modern lifestyle.

As a teacher, Regtuit uses experimental methods to teach Latin. The standard approach is to learn vocabulary and grammatical rules by rote. Regtuit has introduced the concept of teaching lessons in Latin. By speaking a lot of Latin - and even making jokes in Latin - students become familiar with the language. This kind of learning is much more active. It has a positive effect on the students’ language proficiency and by extension their study progress. Many students initially find this approach difficult, but Regtuit is open to criticism; by the next lesson things are usually adjusted in response to feedback. His students say he takes an interest in them and is enthusiastic and kind. ‘Regtuit is approachable, innovative, inspiring and really strong in terms of teaching and his subject knowledge.’

Remco Regtuit
Remco Regtuit
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