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Rob Withagen

Medical Sciences / University Medical Center Groningen

Dr R.G. Withagen (1975) has been university lecturer at the Centre of Human Movement Studies since 2004. He studied Psychology at the University of Leiden and gained his PhD at the VU University Amsterdam. His expertise lies primarily in the philosophical principles of movement sciences.

Withagen has his own particular role in the community of Human Movement scientists. He has a good eye for what is needed to ensure harmony within the whole. He is not only coordinator of his course units, but also a core lecturer and thus responsible for the development, implementation and testing of the teaching provided. Withagen has an exceptional talent for investing psychological and philosophical expertise in his educational tasks. In doing so, he displays the ability to capture the attention of students, even if they initially seem to show little interest in the subject matter. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his powers of persuasion irresistible. It is not without reason that he was chosen as the Lecturer of the Year for the Faculty and the UMCG in 2011. Withagen: ‘I always enjoy seeing how students become interested in the philosophical and conceptual aspects of movement as the programme progresses. In essence, that’s what makes it so fascinating for me, the intellectual development of the students.’

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