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Fanny Janssen

Spatial Sciences

Dr F. Janssen (1977) is assistant professor of Demography. She is appreciated not only for her teaching but also for her research. She recently received a VIDI grant (a prestigious Dutch research fellowship) for the programme entitled ‘Smoking, alcohol and obesity – ingredients for improved and robust mortality projections’.

Janssen manages to involve students in her passion. This is expressed in pursuits such as the online classes she sets up to promote her field of activity. Students regard her as an ardent and enthusiastic lecturer who delivers dynamic tutorials. She is admired for her devotion, both in the teaching domain and in her academic career, which is geared to demography, geography and epidemiology. Her tutorials are well prepared, interesting and well structured. When teaching analytical subjects that involve many calculations, she provides clear examples and lucid explanations. She always makes time for her students: she leaves no genuine question unanswered. This inexhaustible patience is greatly appreciated. Moreover, Janssen is extremely amiable in interpersonal relations. Students commend her inspiring and motivating lectures, and indicate that they would love to have a subject taught by her in every block of their curriculum.

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