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J.G.M. Burgerhof

Faculty of Medical Sciences / UMCG
J.G.M. Burgerhof
J.G.M. Burgerhof

Hans Burgerhof (1959) studied mathematics at the University of Groningen, specializing in mathematical statistics. He has been working at the Faculty of Medical Sciences since 1988, where he specializes in medical statistics and is also the teaching coordinator. He has also taught mathematics at a number of secondary schools, as well as at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HEAO department).

Burgerhof has the knack of using his sense of humour to transform the generally dry statistics subject matter into a juicy discourse. Everyone at his lectures drinks in his every word. The serious PowerPoint slides are often interspersed with interesting anecdotes relating to statistics in practice. As a result, his lectures usually draw a capacity crowd. The lectures are not only amusing, but informative and at a high level. Burgerhof’s lecture series move from very basic to highly complex statistical material without students losing track. He always speaks calmly and collectedly, and is always willing to repeat whatever he has explained. The presentations are usually very clear and simple, since he dispenses with redundant information. The lectures are structured in such a way that students can revise them at home at their leisure, which means that they contain all the information required for understanding the subject matter.

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