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Dr N. Pras

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Dr. N. Pras
Dr. N. Pras

Niesko Pras (1953) studied pharmacy at the University of Groningen. After qualifying, he served as a pharmacist with the army during his national service. From 1980-1984 he was a freelance researcher with the Dutch consumer organization Consumentenbond where he studied self-medication. In 1988 he gained his PhD in Groningen. He is coordinator and lecturer with the department of Pharmacotherapy & Pharmaceutical Patient Care.

Pras has a wide interest in pharmacotherapy, in particular pain and pain treatment, geriatrics and personal care. He investigates the scientific basis of treatments, finding out the mechanisms and interactions that play a role in medication. Pras is an enthusiastic lecturer who encourages students to study and think for themselves. He is a marvellous storyteller and students savour his every word. However, this does not stop him from also using Nestor intensively as a platform and means of communication. Pras clearly explains the context in which the Pharmacotherapy course unit he teaches should be seen. Closely related disciplines such as pharmaceutical patient care, pharmacovigilance and patient communication are also touched upon during the lectures. And finally, he succeeds in explaining his course unit’s connection to everyday practice in the field. He provides many examples from practice and also introduces a number of proficient lecturers and guest lecturers. He tells wonderful anecdotes, putting the material in its proper historical and social perspective.

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