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Dr M.N. van der Meer

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Dr. M.N. van der Meer
Dr. M.N. van der Meer

Michaël van der Meer (1968) studied theology at VU University Amsterdam and gained a PhD at Leiden University in 2001. His current research concentrates on the oldest manuscripts and translations of the Old Testament. He teaches at universities, but also at the secondary school Hermann Wesselink College in Amstelveen (VMBO, HAVO and VWO, i.e. pre-vocational secondary education, senior general secondary education and pre-university education).

According to Van der Meer, the difference between teaching at secondary school and lecturing at university is not that big: the key to successful teaching is being able to empathize with students, which is something you really learn from doing a great deal of teaching. He sees himself as a tour guide taking his students on a trip into another era and culture. However, he is not only an inspiring lecturer, but a demanding one too. There is no time for lounging around as students are required to read widely and write a lot. ‘Students need to do things they can be proud of and need the opportunity to specialize.’ So does Van der Meer have a winning strategy? Of course he does, but he plans to keep it a secret. A tiny hint: the ingredients of his lecture will include the Bible, Greek translations, cultural context and a dash of Dan Brown …

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