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Dr H.T. Adriaenssen

Faculty of Philosophy
Dr. H.T. Adriaenssen
Dr. H.T. Adriaenssen

Han Thomas Adriaenssen (1985) is not only an outstanding lecturer, but also a top-class student and researcher. He graduated with distinction in Italian and philosophy, and was awarded a PhD in philosophy in 2013, once again with distinction. His thesis about the ideas of Descartes was described as ‘absolutely spectacular’.

This is the third time that Adriaenssen has been elected Faculty Lecturer of the Year (2010, 2012 and 2013). Students praise his clear explanations, infectious enthusiasm and profound knowledge. ‘Consistent high quality’ and ‘super-hip’ are two of the qualifications applied to him, along with ‘a love of his subject and good use of modern-day examples’. He is aware of the wider contours of his subject matter and always explains what he is trying to do. But his election was by no means a foregone conclusion: he specializes in mediaeval philosophy, a fairly obscure subject for most of the student population, which has little in common with the topics favoured by most other contemporary philosophers. Adriaenssen, however, is able to bring his subject to life, showing his students just how important and interesting the Middle Ages were to philosophy as a whole. It was not all about God, the Pope or religious dogma; mediaeval philosophers were sharp thinkers. Moreover, Adriaenssen’s colleagues find him a friendly, modest and agreeable colleague, who has the interests of the University and the Faculty at heart.

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