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The Way Forward in Healthcare Economics: Public meets Private (28-30 September)

Wanneer:wo 28-09-2016 18:00 - 20:00
Waar:The meeting Groninger forum (Hereplein 73) Opening drinks at the main University building (Broerstraat 5)

The University of Groningen will be hosting its first conference focused specifically at Health Economics entitled "The Way Forward for Economics in Healthcare: Public meets Private”. The event will bring together international speakers from public and private sectors discussing their views on the latest developments, future perspectives and policy options during this two-day conference in Groningen.  Topics will consider the full spectrum of healthcare economics, from innovative solutions for ensuring patients’ access of novel drugs to views on sustainability, covering preventive and end-of-life drugs.

With upcoming demographic shifts and the continuous stream of innovative interventions, the restrains of national budgets are becoming more visible. The need for a flexible and dynamic approach to evidence-based decision making is increasingly recognized and reflected in (inter)national initiatives. This conference brings all these trends together and provides a dynamic forum for interaction and debate by the broader stakeholder community. In addition, after a summer layover, we feel this conference provides the perfect moment to retouch base, network and look ahead.

The conference targets professionals from the public, private and academic sector to stimulate a dialogue about keeping healthcare efficient, sustainable, accessible and affordable in the future. Participants will gain insights into the myriad of problems facing health systems and solutions presented by private companies and payers.

The meeting will take place in the heart of Groningen, at the unique Groninger Forum. Opening drinks will be held at the main University building the evening prior to conference. Interested participants are encouraged to register early and secure accommodation as to ensure their place at this conference. Note that places are limited.

The University of Groningen is a research-driven, innovative and internationally oriented university in the Northern Netherlands, with over 30,000 students. Quality has been its top priority for over 400 years, and with great success: the University is currently in or around the top 100 in several influential ranking lists. Within the Pharmacy department, Prof. Dr. Maarten Postma heads the PharmacoEconomics section, established nearly 20 years ago.


Committed speakers so far include:

  • Top academics from UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium.
  • Representatives from western healthcare authorities (ZIN/NICE/SMC).
  • Senior directors from various pharmaceutical companies.
  • Health-orientated NGOs.


  • The welcome reception will take place September 28th.

Conference dinner

  • The dinner will take place at Friday September 30th .

More information

For more information and registration: