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Energy Lecture: Social Acceptance Energy Transitions

When:Th 17-11-2016 15:30 - 17:30
Where:Room 5161.0267, Bernoulliborg building, Zernike Campus, Groningen

How do you change people’s behaviour and attitude towards the energy transition and how to track their behaviour at all? These issues will be addressed by dr. Berfu Ünal (Social sciences, University of Groningen). The energy transition has many different faces. Apart from the technological and political challenges that lay ahead, the energy transition has a societal side. The matter that might influence the transition’s success more than anything else are the people that have to adopt these changes.

Social acceptance of energy transition

How do you promote pro-environmental behaviour from a psychological point of view? Why are some sustainable changes picked up by people, and others take years to gain traction? How do you track people’s energy behaviour? And how do you use this information to accelerate the energy transition? What information can you gain by monitoring 10,000 households for 10 years?

This energy lecture is available for everyone who wants to learn more about the societal side of the energy transition. Berfu Ünal can draw from her experiences in research and vast knowledge of social behaviour with regards to energy transition. She will be able to shed light on prominent issues from different perspectives. In addition, the energy lecture will be interactive: you will get the opportunity to ask questions, put forward problems and discuss prominent issues.

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