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Energy Lecture: Mart van der Meijden – Tennet

When:Th 01-12-2016 15:00 - 17:00
Where:Remonstrantse kerk, Coehoornsingel 14, 9711 BS Groningen

Did you know there are plans to build an energy hub in the North Sea? Mart van der Meijden, professor Large-scale Sustainable Power Systems at TU Delft and Innovation Manager at TenneT, will address the issue and the future of our energy system during his inspiring and highly interactive Energy Masterclass. How do we utilize the renewable energy potential of the North Sea? How do we connect these sources with the European energy grid?

North Sea Island as future energy hub

Recently, TenneT -a leading European electricity transmission system operator- announced their vision on an artificial island in the North Sea that will function as a hub to connect several (future) offshore wind farms to the European mainland. This is one of the challenges in TenneT’s mission to integrate large scale renewable energy sources in the European energy grid. The island will help making Europe’s energy transition more feasible and affordable.

The energy transition leads to enormous changes and challenges for our energy system. What will the North Sea system look like in a European sustainable context? Mart van der Meijden has been active in the industry for over 30 years and can discuss and address all kinds of current and future developments with you, as well as address many of your personal questions and interests.

During this masterclass, with limited places for 20 students preferably from different study fields, participants will address several important questions about the future of energy and energy systems. The students will prepare and pitch their view on these issues at the start of the masterclass, before taking a deep dive with mr. van der Meijden and shedding light on the questions from different perspectives.

Are you, out of personal interest or from your study’s perspective interested in the energy systems, the potential of renewable energy from the North Sea or any other relevant issues considering the future of our energy system, no matter what your study background is, sign up for this highly interactive masterclass. You will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into some of the most ongoing energy issues and discuss them with someone that has over 30 years of experience in both business and research.

So get inspired and participate!

More information on the island energy hub project: Reuters (EN), TenneT (EN), NRC (NL)


Since there are limited places available, we will confirm your qualification in the second week of November. Two weeks before the masterclass, the attendees will be divided into multidisciplinary teams. Each group will answer one question and prepare a short pitch at the beginning of the masterclass. Energy Academy Europe will provide you with necessary material beforehand.