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Target Conference 2014 - Big Data Across Disciplines: In Search of Symbiosis

When:Mo 03-11-2014
Where:The Infoversum theater, Grutmolenstraat, Groningen

Target is happy to announce that the 2nd international Target conference ''Big Data Across Disciplines: In Search of Symbiosis'' is taking place during november 3 - 5, 2014 at the unique digital 3D fulldome theater Infoversum.

The conference will bring together a diverse Big Data community - software developers, technology experts, Big Data system engineers and administrators, exascale database specialists, Big Data visualization researchers, data scientists and scientists running data-intensive projects. The conference program will be organized in a way that promotes debate about how to achieve the right balance between taking advantage of the common needs for data management among different disciplines and maintaining efficiency by building discipline-specific solutions.

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