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Energy Convention 2014 (18-19 November)

When:Tu 18-11-2014 09:00 - 22:00
Where:MartiniPlaza Groningen

The Energy Convention (former Energy Delta Convention) is an international platform for leading energy experts from various disciplines, sectors and countries. Each year the latest topics in the field of energy transition are discussed by senior representatives from research & development, business and governments. The convention is of growing size and importance, with up to 1000 visitors last year. The convention is hosted by the Energy Academy Europe. Apart from the main convention, the Energy Convention includes a number of interesting plenary events: keynotes, forums, dinners, and networking lunches. A variety of inspiring high-profile speakers will lecture at the Energy Convention, turning this conference into a well-balanced mix of inspiration and cutting edge science. This years’ conference will also be of interest to young energy professionals and students, as it is featuring a talent market and networking possibilities.

Two themes

During the convention there will be a focus on two themes: Smart Cities and Innovation.

Smart Cities

Globally, cities are growing rapidly and new cities arise every day. This increases demand for resources in general and specifically for energy. Combined with the effects of global climate change and effects on local climates, cities have to develop smart strategies in their spatial development. In this conference track we are going to explore different aspects of these strategies in relation to energy. The Smart Cities conference track combines knowledge from different disciplines, from smart grids to spatial sciences, in order to think up our future cities.

Innovation in Energy

As people rise out of poverty, worldwide energy demand increases; creating the need for innovative new energy sources. Since the beginning of this century, the importance of an energy transition has become clear. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, the world is on a quest for more sustainable sourcesof energy. With growing populations, booming economies and higher welfare around the world, the energy demand of our planet will keep increasing. The solution lies in innovation. Besides the search for new and green sources of energy in a technical and economical way, the social aspects needs to be discussed as well. How can we decrease our energy consumption, both domestic and industrial, and what are the impediments or opportunities for innovation? Within the Innovation in Energy sessions, all these aspects will be discussed.