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Colloquium dr. Jan Karel Lenstra: Mathematics in primary education

When:Th 27-06-2013 at 16:00
Where:FSE-Building 51.11.0080

Growing concern about the mathematical competence of Dutch children led in recent years to a public debate about mathematics education in Dutch primary schools. The opposing camps were the advocates of the "realistic" approach and its opponents. The debate had a polarizing effect and was based more on belief and conviction than on scientific research. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences therefore set up a Committee on Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools. The committee presented its report to the government in November 2009.

Lenstra will discuss the analysis carried out by the committee and its conclusions and recommendations. I will also summarize the developments since the report appeared and the present state of affairs.

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Join us for coffee starting 3:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served after the lecture. For more information contact the host: Peter Barthel