T. (Tushar) Tomar


Research interests

Cancer biologist with training in translational medicine research focusing on drug-resistance in gynecological cancers

Dry-lab work :

• Ability to design and perform all data analysis of high throughput sequencing experiments (Microarrays, Next generation sequencing, Infinium 27K/450K methylation arrays, SNP arrays) on patient tumor material

• Skilled in BIG Data analysis and in-silico validation using publically available datasets

• Competent in generating hypothesis based on patient cohorts genomic data including targets identification and their in-silico validation.

Wet-lab work :

• Proficient in designing primers and performing cancer epigenomics assays including  pyrosequencing, bisulphite-sequencing, methylation-specific PCR and quantitative-rtPCR

• Extensive experienced in designing and executing gene knock-in and knock-down (transient and stable) experiments using RNAi / shRNA / pcDNA (ORF construct)

• Experienced in all molecular and analytical techniques: various primary and immortalized cell line culturing, westernblotting, immuno and fluorescence staning, analytic quantitative assays like ELISA, FACS; drug cytotoxicity assays like MTT; Alamar Blue; in-vitro functional assays like proliferation, migration and invasion assays; and cell cycle analysis.

• Gained wealth of experience in establishing and studying cell-line derived and patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cancer mouse models.

• Competent in target specific in-vivo molecular optical imaging

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