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prof. dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Veening

prof. dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Veening
+31 50 363 2408

Professional profile

Job title:
Associate Professor
Other positions:
board member section of General and Molecular Microbiology, Royal Dutch Society for Microbiology (KNVM)
EMBO Young Investigator (2014-2017)
Molecular genetics, Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Biotechnology, Systems and Synthetic biology
Most recent publications:

Gruber, S. , Veening, J-W. , Bach, J., Blettinger, M., Bramkamp, M., & Errington, J. (2014). Interlinked Sister Chromosomes Arise in the Absence of Condensin during Fast Replication in B. subtilis . Current Biology , 24 (3), 293-298. 10.1016/j.cub.2013.12.049
Sorg, R. A. , Kuipers, O. P. , & Veening, J-W. (2014). Gene Expression Platform for Synthetic Biology in the Human Pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae . ACS Synthetic Biology . 10.1021/sb500229s
Kjos, M. , Oppegård, C., Diep, D. B., Nes, I. F. , Veening, J-W. , Nissen-Meyer, J., & Kristensen, T. (2014). Sensitivity to the two-peptide bacteriocin lactococcin G is dependent on UppP, an enzyme involved in cell-wall synthesis . Molecular Microbiology , 92 (6), 1177-87. 10.1111/mmi.12632
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