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dr. J. (Jana) Hönke

dr. J. (Jana) Hönke
050 363 8749
Rosalind Franklin Fellow in International Relations
# Governance beyond the state and new political geographies # non-traditional security and policing, esp. business/resources/infrastructure security # Global South in world politics, South-South relations, esp. peace/security/development interventions and Subsahara Africa # contentious politics and resistance # international political sociology, postcolonial, ethnographic approaches to IR

Jana Hönke's research is concerned with how 'local' and transnational security practices are co-produced and contested, and to what effect. How does that challenge, and help to rethink, International Relations? Her current work examines how authority and political geographies transform by studying the contested security arrangements related to multinational companies and transport infrastructures in contexts of fragility. Another project revolves around the global making of policing. She has also done research on counterterrorism, state building and development interventions. Theoretically she is interested in how knowledge and everyday practices travel and shape how security is governed, for whom and to what effect, across borders. While doing multi-sited fieldwork, much of her work is linked to Sub-Saharan Africa with research conducted in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Tanzania and Guinea.

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