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Virtual Reality and 3D-visualisation

3D theatre performance

Performance in the Reality Theatre

Wikke van Houwelingen, a student at the Frank Mohr institute, created and directed a theatre performance. In this show, the Reality Theatre served as a 3D stage where the actor (Taco van Dijk) was immersed in a dynamic 3D scene. The members of the audience wore shutter glasses to see the decor in 3D and the actor as a part of it.

Wikke van Houwelingen

The Cave Project, by Wikke van Houwelingen


'Is a world created by projections and a pair of glasses three-dimensional or in fact still flat? Is it fake or real? In a certain way it is more real, with more presence than video, which stays flat, but still it is less real than a normal static decor. It is more liquid and thin, but still binding. VR sits between to be and not to be.

This I used as the subject of the performance, and even applied it to the character. The character balances on the edge of death, and so sits between to be and not to be. Sometimes it looks as if he is seeing his life story, and other times he appears to be dead. He keeps crossing the ultimate border.'

Taco van Dijk, actor
Taco van Dijk, actor

 'The focal point is on the actor; though he doesn't move a lot, he is there. That's what's important. Everybody is looking at him. They empathize with him. That's theatre.'

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