VIDI Nauta

Organisational unit: Research Project

  1. 2006
  2. Nauta, L. (2006). Linguistic Relativity and the Humanist Imitation of Classical Latin. In Nauta (Ed.), Language and Cultural Change (pp. 173-185). (GRONINGEN STUDIES IN CULTURAL CHANGE; Vol. 24). LEUVEN: Peeters.
  3. 2005
  4. Nauta, L. (2005). A weak chapter in the Book of Nature - Hans Blumenberg on medieval thought. In K. van Berkel, & A. Vanderjagt (Eds.), THE BOOK OF NATURE IN ANTIQUITY AND THE MIDDLE AGES (pp. 135-150). (GRONINGEN STUDIES IN CULTURAL CHANGE; Vol. 16). LEUVEN: Peeters.

ID: 38298