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The University of Groningen research database contains research output as well as information on researchers and research units at the University of Groningen. More information on the institutes, top-level research, collaboration and more can be accessed via the University of Groningen research portal.

Latest research outputs

  1. ExploreNEOs VIII: Dormant Short-Period Comets in the Near-Earth Asteroid Population

    Mommert, M., Harris, A. W., Mueller, M., Hora, J. L., Trilling, D. E., Bottke, W. F., Thomas, C. A., Delbo, M., Emery, J. P., Fazio, G. & Smith, H. A. 1-Aug-2015 In : eprint arXiv:1508.04116. 1508, p. 4116

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  2. Asteroid thermophysical modeling

    Delbo, M., Mueller, M., Emery, J. P., Rozitis, B. & Capria, M. T. 1-Aug-2015 In : eprint arXiv:1508.05575. 1508, p. 5575

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  3. Three Centuries of Whaling and Walrushunting in Svalbard and its impact on the Arctic Ecosystem

    Hacquebord, L. 2014 Animals: Themes in Environmental History. Vol. 4, p. 58-63

    Research output: ScientificChapter

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Latest research activities

  1. Maintaining momentum / Harnessing enhanced performance

    Ruud den Hartigh (Interviewee), Aug-2015

    Activity: Public engagement and outreachMedia article or participation

  2. Seminar during: European Geriatric Medicine

    Claudine Lamoth (Organiser), 18-Sep-2014

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in workshop, seminar, course

  3. 4th international congress on Complex Systems in Sports and Healthy Ageing

    Claudine Lamoth (Organiser), 29-Oct-201431-Oct-2014

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in conference

  4. Landelijk Valsymposium

    Claudine Lamoth (Invited speaker), 27-Nov-2014

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in conference

  5. Sport Medisch Wetenschappelijk Jaarcongres

    Claudine Lamoth (Invited speaker), 27-Nov-201428-Nov-2014

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in conference

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