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Research database

University of Groningen research database

The University of Groningen research database contains research output as well as information on researchers and research units at the University of Groningen. More information on the institutes, top-level research, collaboration and more can be accessed via the University of Groningen research portal.

Latest research outputs

  1. Observation of a Neutral Charmoniumlike State Z(c)(4025)(0) in e(+)e(-) -> (D*(D)over-bar*)(0)pi(0)

    Ablikim, M., Achasov, M. N., Ai, X. C., Albayrak, O., Albrecht, M., Ambrose, D. J., Amoroso, A., An, F. F., An, Q., Bai, J. Z., Ferroli, R. B., Ban, Y., Bennett, D. W., Bennett, J. V., Bertani, M., Bettoni, D., Bian, J. M., Bianchi, F., Boger, E., Boyko, I., Briere, R. A., Cai, H., Cai, X., Cakir, O., Calcaterra, A., Cao, G. F., Cetin, S. A., Chang, J. F., Chelkov, G., Chen, G., Chen, H. S., Chen, H. Y., Chen, J. C., Chen, M. L., Chen, S. J., Chen, X., Chen, X. R., Chen, Y. B., Cheng, H. P., Chu, X. K., Cibinetto, G., Dai, H. L., Dai, J. P., Dbeyssi, A., Dedovich, D., Deng, Z. Y., Denig, A., Denysenko, I., Destefanis, M., De Mori, F., Ding, Y., Dong, C., Dong, J., Dong, L. Y., Dong, M. Y., Du, S. X., Duan, P. F., Eren, E. E., Fan, J. Z., Fang, J., Fang, S. S., Fang, X., Fang, Y., Fava, L., Feldbauer, F., Felici, G., Feng, C. Q., Fioravanti, E., Fritsch, M., Fu, C. D., Gao, Q., Gao, X. Y., Gao, Y., Gao, Z., Garzia, I., Geng, C., Goetzen, K., Gong, W. X., Gradl, W., Greco, M., Gu, M. H., Gu, Y. T., Guan, Y. H., Guo, A. Q., Guo, L. B., Guo, Y., Guo, Y. P., Haddadi, Z., Hafner, A., Han, S., Han, Y. L., Hao, X. Q., Harris, F. A., He, K. L., He, Z. Y., Held, T., Heng, Y. K., Hou, Z. L., Hu, C., Hu, H. M., Hu, J. F., Hu, T., Hu, Y., Huang, G. M., Huang, G. S., Huang, H. P., Huang, J. S., Huang, X. T., Huang, Y., Hussain, T., Ji, Q., Ji, Q. P., Ji, X. B., Ji, X. L., Jiang, L. L., Jiang, L. W., Jiang, X. S., Jiang, X. Y., Jiao, J. B., Jiao, Z., Jin, D. P., Jin, S., Johansson, T., Julin, A., Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N., Kang, X. L., Kang, X. S., Kavatsyuk, M., Ke, B. C., Kiese, P., Kliemt, R., Kloss, B., Kolcu, O. B., Kopf, B., Kornicer, M., Kuehn, W., Kupsc, A., Lange, J. S., Lara, M., Larin, P., Leng, C., Li, C., Li, C. H., Li, C., Li, D. M., Li, F., Li, G., Li, H. B., Li, J. C., Li, J., Li, K., Li, K., Li, L., Li, P. R., Li, T., Li, W. D., Li, W. G., Li, X. L., Li, X. M., Li, X. N., Li, X. Q., Li, Z. B., Liang, H., Liang, Y. F., Liang, Y. T., Liao, G. R., Lin, D. X., Liu, B. J., Liu, C. X., Liu, F. H., Liu, F., Liu, F., Liu, H. B., Liu, H. H., Liu, H. H., Liu, H. M., Liu, J., Liu, J. B., Liu, J. P., Liu, J. Y., Liu, K., Liu, K. Y., Liu, L. D., Liu, P. L., Liu, Q., Liu, S. B., Liu, X., Liu, X. X., Liu, Y. B., Liu, Z. A., Liu, Z., Liu, Z., Loehner, H., Lou, X. C., Lu, H. J., Lu, J. G., Lu, R. Q., Lu, Y., Lu, Y. P., Luo, C. L., Luo, M. X., Luo, T., Luo, X. L., Lv, M., Lyu, X. R., Ma, F. C., Ma, H. L., Ma, L. L., Ma, Q. M., Ma, T., Ma, X. N., Ma, X. Y., Maas, F. E., Maggiora, M., Mao, Y. J., Mao, Z. P., Marcello, S., Messchendorp, J. G., Min, J., Min, T. J., Mitchell, R. E., Mo, X. H., Mo, Y. J., Morales, C. M., Moriya, K., Muchnoi, N. Y., Muramatsu, H., Nefedov, Y., Nerling, F., Nikolaev, I. B., Ning, Z., Nisar, S., Niu, S. L., Niu, X. Y., Olsen, S. L., Ouyang, Q., Pacetti, S., Patteri, P., Pelizaeus, M., Peng, H. P., Peters, K., Pettersson, J., Ping, J. L., Ping, R. G., Poling, R., Prasad, V., Pu, Y. N., Qi, M., Qian, S., Qiao, C. F., Qin, L. Q., Qin, N., Qin, X. S., Qin, Y., Qin, Z. H., Qiu, J. F., Rashid, K. H., Redmer, C. F., Ren, H. L., Ripka, M., Rong, G., Rosner, C., Ruan, X. D., Santoro, V., Sarantsev, A., Savrie, M., Schoenning, K., Schumann, S., Shan, W., Shao, M., Shen, C. P., Shen, P. X., Shen, X. Y., Sheng, H. Y., Song, W. M., Song, X. Y., Sosio, S., Spataro, S., Sun, G. X., Sun, J. F., Sun, S. S., Sun, Y. J., Sun, Y. Z., Sun, Z. J., Sun, Z. T., Tang, C. J., Tang, X., Tapan, I., Thorndike, E. H., Tiemens, M., Ullrich, M., Uman, I., Varner, G. S., Wang, B., Wang, B. L., Wang, D., Wang, D. Y., Wang, K., Wang, L. L., Wang, L. S., Wang, M., Wang, P., Wang, P. L., Wang, S. G., Wang, W., Wang, X. F., Wang, Y. D., Wang, Y. F., Wang, Y. Q., Wang, Z., Wang, Z. G., Wang, Z. H., Wang, Z. Y., Weber, T., Wei, D. H., Wei, J. B., Weidenkaff, P., Wen, S. P., Wiedner, U., Wolke, M., Wu, L. H., Wu, Z., Xia, L. G., Xia, Y., Xiao, D., Xiao, Z. J., Xie, Y. G., Xiu, Q. L., Xu, G. F., Xu, L., Xu, Q. J., Xu, Q. N., Xu, X. P., Yan, L., Yan, W. B., Yan, W. C., Yan, Y. H., Yang, H. J., Yang, H. X., Yang, L., Yang, Y., Yang, Y. X., Ye, H., Ye, M., Ye, M. H., Yin, J. H., Yu, B. X., Yu, C. X., Yu, H. W., Yu, J. S., Yuan, C. Z., Yuan, W. L., Yuan, Y., Yuncu, A., Zafar, A. A., Zallo, A., Zeng, Y., Zhang, B. X., Zhang, B. Y., Zhang, C., Zhang, C. C., Zhang, D. H., Zhang, H. H., Zhang, H. Y., Zhang, J. J., Zhang, J. L., Zhang, J. Q., Zhang, J. W., Zhang, J. Y., Zhang, J. Z., Zhang, K., Zhang, L., Zhang, S. H., Zhang, X. Y., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y. N., Zhang, Y. H., Zhang, Y. T., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Z. H., Zhang, Z. P., Zhang, Z. Y., Zhao, G., Zhao, J. W., Zhao, J. Y., Zhao, J. Z., Zhao, L., Zhao, L., Zhao, M. G., Zhao, Q., Zhao, Q. W., Zhao, S. J., Zhao, T. C., Zhao, Y. B., Zhao, Z. G., Zhemchugov, A., Zheng, B., Zheng, J. P., Zheng, W. J., Zheng, Y. H., Zhong, B., Zhou, L., Zhou, L., Zhou, X., Zhou, X. K., Zhou, X. R., Zhou, X. Y., Zhu, K., Zhu, K. J., Zhu, S., Zhu, X. L., Zhu, Y. C., Zhu, Y. S., Zhu, Z. A., Zhuang, J., Zotti, L., Zou, B. S., Zou, J. H. & BESIII Collaboration 29-Oct-2015 In : Physical Review Letters. 115, 18, 7 p., 182002

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  2. Lymphangiogenesis in renal diseases

    Yazdani, S. 2015 [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 169 p.

    Research output: ScientificDoctoral Thesis

  3. Palestine (overview of tourism policies and development, trends, top 10 destinations countrywide, top 3 World Heritage Sites, National Tourism Office)

    Isaac, R. K. I. & Buda, D. 9-Aug-2015 The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism. Sage publishers

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewEntry for encyclopedia/dictionary

  4. Cell-specific targeting of renal fibrosis

    Poosti, F. 2015 [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 166 p.

    Research output: ScientificDoctoral Thesis

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Latest research activities

  1. Verdeelde reacties op plattelandsplan KPN

    Koen Salemink (Interviewee), 11-Nov-2015

    Activity: Public engagement and outreachMedia article or participation

  2. Drenthe wil af van 'digitaal zandpad'

    Koen Salemink (Interviewee), 31-Oct-2015

    Activity: Public engagement and outreachMedia article or participation

  3. Fries Juridisch Genootschap

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in workshop, seminar, course

  4. BLOG on "10.000 birds"

    Simon Verhulst (Interviewee), 17-Nov-2015

    Activity: Public engagement and outreachMedia article or participation

  5. Symposium Rechtbank Zwolle

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in conference

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