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Visiting research fellows Autumn 2017: Kirsti Niskanen and Philippe Matthey

18 september 2017

During the Autumn semester, ICOG welcomes two visiting research fellows: Kirsti Niskanen and Philippe Matthey. The two researchers will engage in research projects in Groningen and discuss their research with scholars and PhD students.

Introducing the visitors

Kirsti Niskanen
Kirsti Niskanen

Kirsti Niskanen is a professor of History at Stockholm University Sweden and associate professor of Gender Studies. Her research focuses on 20th century gender, social and economic history. She has also an interest in university history and the history of science. She is visiting the Research Centre for Historical Studies during September - December 2017. During her stay she will work with the research program SPICE (Scientific Persona in Cultural Encounters) and give two seminars at the Faculty of Arts.  

Philippe Matthey
Philippe Matthey

Philippe Matthey has completed his PhD in History of religions at the University of Geneva in 2012. His research interests encompass ancient religions and ancient history in Greece and Greco-Roman Egypt, as well as theories and methods in the History of religions. While in Groningen, he plans to study the status of "myth" and "history" in Diodorus’ Historical Library through a comparative analysis of Greek and Egyptian narrative traditions gathered by Diodorus to tell the story of two Egyptian “culture-heroes”: the pharaoh Sesoosis/Sesostris, and the Libyan king Dionysos, son of Ammon.

Visiting research fellows programme

ICOG welcomes applications for visiting research fellowships from academics working in the fields of its five research centres. The duration of visits usually varies from a month to half a year. During this time, visiting research fellows are expected to work on their own research projects (ideally in collaboration with a scholar or an academic team from ICOG) and to participate in the events organised by ICOG.

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