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Special relationships between the sexes in primates


Required education
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Starting date year-round
Specifics Theoretical, computer simulation

Project description

In group-living primates often special relationships between the sexes are mentioned, for instance, in baboons and in chimpanzees [1-6].

In general such relationships are attributed to social preferences. In the present master thesis we investigate to what extend these ‘special relationships’ may be reflecting different opportunities for interacting with certain members of the opposite sex rather than others. This is in line with our former studies on primate social relationships [7-9]. In computational models on grouping, competition and grooming, we showed that what statistically looks like reconciliation is a side-effect of the higher opportunity to groom a former opponent due to the closer proximity of two opponents immediately after a fight [8].

Contact information

For more information, contact Charlotte Hemelrijk

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Behavioural & Physiological Ecology, Hemelrijk group - Self-organisation of social systems

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