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Expert Panel

Governments, businesses and environmental organizations are all concerned with issues related to energy and sustainability. The University of Groningen can offer expertise on precisely these areas. The Expert Panel aims to bring together concerns and insights from all these parties.

The expert panel provides

  • contact with researchers at the University of Groningen
  • high quality expertise
  • knowledge from a range of areas, for example:
    • Insights about the technical, legal and economic aspects of CO2 capture and storage
    • Knowledge about the risks and acceptability of nuclear energy
    • Impact on landscape of wind energy
    • Expertise on the functioning of solar cells
    • Knowledge about the ecological impact of producing energy from biomass
    • Collective knowledge production through energy coops
    • Insights about new systems for generating and distributing power, such as smart grids
    • Etc.

For researchers, the expert panel offers

  • Increased visibility for their research
  • Possibility of developing enduring relationships with social partners
  • Increased social relevance of their research
  • Opportunities to get involved in social issues and make a difference
  • Dissemination of results and engagement with concerns of stakeholders
  • The chance to contribute to agenda-setting
  • Multidisciplinary encounters in research and teaching

How does it work?

The panel’s function is similar to that of the Dutch ‘Commissie Milieu-effectrapportage’, which can be of service to bodies wishing to tap into knowledge about possible effect of building or road works or energy production on the environment. The science shops of the University of Groningen also play a role in connecting organizations and members of the university community.


The panel is currently being set up by Henny van der Windt (Science and Society group) and Rien Herber (ESRIG).

You can also contact Anne Beaulieu (project manager GESP) via telephone 050 363-4903 or e-mail

Last modified:August 22, 2013 11:39