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Welcoming Professor Zuo Ting from China Agricultural University

28 januari 2015

Welcoming Professor ZUO Ting from China Agricultural University

The Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG) and the Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG) jointly welcome Prof Zuo Ting from the China Agricultural University, research visitor in January-February 2015. During the visit, Prof Zuo will conduct his research and meet with colleagues of the University of Groningen to discuss cooperation in research and teaching between the two universities. He will also give a public lecture on smallholders’ farming practices and environmental impact in China.

Prof. Zuo Ting is the deputy dean of the College of Humanities and Development Studies (COHD), and director of the Centre for China Eco-Compensation Policy Studies at China Agricultural University (CAU), Beijing. Specialized in development studies, Prof. Zuo’s teaching and research experiences have a wide span of social and environmental sciences and natural resources management (NRM). He has 2 5 years of experience s in social and rural development studies since 1989 at both national and international level, focusing on integrated rural development and poverty reduction, agriculture and community-based (CB) NRM, and rural social security policies . He has pioneered the area of “participatory rural development”, “Social Forestry”, “CBNRM”, “Payment for Ecosystem/ Watershed Services” in mainland China . Prof. Zuo has more than 100 academic publications (papers, books) on development studies, policy studies, CBNRM, etc. Recently Prof. Zuo has conducted action research on rural financial subsidies in mountainous and poverty-stricken areas in China.

Prof. Zuo will give a guest lecture on 4 February 2015, see calendar

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